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Alphabet Soup

ALPHABET SOUP: Health Care Definitionsfor Children and Youth with Special Health Care NeedsFamilies in the United States are finding that their family’s health insurance picture is changing. This seems especially true for those families that have children with special health care needs. We must understand health insurance jargon in order to make good decisions for our children. If, unfortunately, decisions are made for us, it is even more important to know what they will mean for our child. Here’s a beginning list of definitions. Please send us those we missed, and we’ll update this list. Thanks!Access - Ability to receive services from a health care
system or provider.Acute Care - Medical services provided after an accident
or for a disease, usually for a short time.Adverse Selection - Occurs when those joining a health
plan have higher medical costs than the general population; if
too many enrollees have higher than average medical costs,
the health plan experiences adverse selection.Amb…

You are an Advocate for your Child

Parenting a child with special health care needs is not easy. The 40,000 members of Family Voices, most of us
parents, want you to know you’re not alone on this challenging journey. We’re there with you! And we’ve learned
that the sooner we become advocates --- informed, strong voices for our children --- the smoother life becomes for
our child and family. The following advocacy tips, based on years of experience from hundreds of families, focus on
health, which is the mission of Family Voices. You can use these tips with your child’s doctor, hospital, clinic,
therapists, preschool, child care center, classroom, community, and with extended family and neighbors. Always
begin, of course, with one child…yours.
1. Believe with all your heart that your child, like all children, is wonderful --- even when she or he gobbles up
so much of your time and energy. Tell all the world about this precious gift!
2. As soon as possible, connect…