Saturday, January 5, 2008

Article 7 and position paper

The Indiana Special Education Advisory Council met December 14 to finalize their recommendations for Article 7 revisions. The SAC voted and finalized all recommendations, with the exception of those related to parental consent. The SAC will meet again on January 11th, in Carmel, to address consent.
If you have strong feelings about the importance of Article 7 containing a provision for consent for changes other than change of placement, please consider attending this meeting and giving public comment. They did receive multiple emails on the topic, and that's why they did not reach a vote, but the minority was still the group listening to our concerns.
When the final version of Article 7 is complete, Family Voices will be sharing a position paper representing families and children. This paper will be shared with the State Board of Education. Family Voices will also work to keep families informed about opportunities to share comments with the State Board of Education and at upcoming public hearings. Because the revised version of Article 7 will impact the lives of children and families for years to come we urge our members to take part in this process and share all information with as many families as possible.

If you aware of a support, advocacy or other family group that would like to have the opportunity to "sign on" to a position paper reflecting the family voice on Article 7 please contact FV Indiana at

A copy of the paper will be available for review on January 12, after the SAC finishes their work on the proposed language.

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