Sunday, February 3, 2008

Article 7 Position Paper Update

Family Voices Indiana is pleased to announce our plans to present the Article 7 Position Paper at the State Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, February 6, 2008. This presentation will take place during the public comment period of the agenda (see below). This is a public meeting and families who wish to attend to show their support are welcome to do so. A copy of the Position Paper along with complete listings of signatories can be found on this blog! Thank you to all of the individuals and organizations that joined the Position Paper as signatories. Family Voices Indiana will continue to share information about the revision process and opportunities for public comments. If you would like to receive this information directly please join us at .

Department of Education
James Whitcomb Riley Conference Room
151 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, Indiana
February 6, 2008
9 a.m.
Business Meeting
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

Consolidated Agenda, February 6, 2008
I. Call to Order - Pledge of Allegiance.
II. Approval of Minutes - January 9, 2008
III. Statement of the Chair
IV. Board Member Comments and Reports from Board Member Representatives to Other Groups
V. Committee Reports
A. Strategic Planning.
B. Regulatory Reform.
VI. Discussion
A. Data, Assessment, and Accountability.
B. Legislation.
C. Special Education Rules.
D. Indiana Principal Leadership Academy.
VII. Consent Agenda ( VIII, A; VIII, B )
VIII. Adjudications and Hearings
A. Approval of the Interlocal Agreement creating the Indiana Virtual Academy.
B. Certification of amendments to the Governing Body Selection plan, Board of Education, MSD of Wayne Township.
IX. Public Comments
X. Action
A. Approval of Students with Disabilities Child Count.

B. Approval of Rulemaking Process for Special Education Rules.
XI Board Operations
A NASBE Activities.
B. Future State Board of Education meetings.

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