Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Understanding OASIS

The OASIS Initiative

It is important for families receiving DD, Autism and Support Services Medicaid waivers to become familiar with OASIS since statewide implementation will begin July 1, 2008.

What is it?

The Objective Assessment System for Individual Supports

The Objective Assessment is the Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP)

The System for Individual Supports is a resource allocation model and individual budget planning tool

The initiative is currently being piloted in BDDS district 4: Benton, Carroll, Clay, Clinton, Fountain, Monroe, Montgomery, Owen, Parke, Putnam, Sullivan, Tippecanoe, Vermillion, Vigo, Warren, and White Counties.

It will go statewide on July 1, 2008, based on an individual's Plan of Care (POC) annual date. It will affect an individual's yearly budget: some will increase, others will decrease. In order to facilitate the change and ensure adequate coverage, there will be a "phase in" period for individuals based on the percentage change in their budget. The entire state will be covered by OASIS by December 2009.

Once an individual is targeted, an objective assessment will take place to develop an allocation, or budget. It will be based on factors such as: ICAP score, where the individual lives, how old the individual is, major life events, behavioral needs, medical needs, life goals and vision, etc.

Once the allocation is developed, the individual will have a menu of services to choose from.

What DO People BUY?

* People purchase staff time
o Personal Support
o Training & Guidance
o Therapies & Nursing
* People purchase transportation
* People purchase equipment

The services the individual "buys" will be linked to best practice. The services will be driven by consumer choice and person centered planning; so two individuals with identical allocations, or budgets, may have very different services. Just as individuals without disabilities have to prioritize budgeted items, so will individuals with OASIS.

Additional Information on OASIS can be found here:


There will be informational sessions presented statewide in the upcoming months. Family Voices encourage its members to attend these sessions to better understand OASIS and its impact. The schedule for these events will be posted when it becomes available.

For additional questions or comments, you can contact: BDDS at their helpline 1-888-527-0008 or email your questions or comments to the OASIS email address at OASIS-ICAPHELP@ fssa.in.gov.

You can also ask your IPMG case manager or local office:

Central (contact one of the three)

Chris St. Paul (317) 585-5944
Kathy Tompkins (317) 889-2777
Holly Fuller (812) 597-5046

Northwest District 17644 Morse St.
Lowell, IN 46356
(219) 696-6668 (Tel)

East District P.O. Box 90286
Indianapolis, IN 46290
(317) 585-5944 (Tel)

North Central District P.O. Box 37
Morgantown, IN 46160
(812) 597-5046 (Tel)

Northeast District 1118 E. Wayne St.
South Bend, IN 46615
(574) 288-3782 (Tel)

South Central District 300 S. Madison Ave. #300
Greenwood, IN 46142
(317) 889-2777 (Tel)

South District P.O. Box 811
Clear Creek, IN 47426
(812) 935-8841 (Tel)

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