Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Update on Incontinence supplies

Family Voices has been made aware that some families have been having continued problems with the new incontinence supply plan for Medicaid. Apparently, a business owner has filed a lawsuit because the contract was unduly prejudicial against small companies, and created an injunction. There will be a suspension of the plan until the lawsuit is settled.
In the meantime, families should be able to continue to get their supplies from their current carrier as long as they are a Medicaid provider and have the required prescription.
Families are encouraged to explore their options. Make a list of current supplies with as much info as possible and contact the contracted vendors to see if they carry the needed supplies. You might ask them to send you samples if you need to switch brands to see what you think before you have to make a choice.

Binson's 1-888-217-9610 http://www.binsons.com/

Healthcare Products Delivery, Inc. (HPD) (Indiana Company) 1-800-291-8011 http://www.diaperkingclub.com/

J & B Medical Supply Company 1-866-674-5850 http://www.jandbmedical.com/shop/

The new plan is scheduled to take effect May 1st. That date may change
depending on the lawsuit. Families should be able to continue to get a typical
monthly supply from their current vendor until that time.

Family Voices plans to speak with Medicaid to try to increase communications so families are more informed of the decisions that affect them. If you have difficulties, you are advised to speak with your CMO, if you have Care Select, and/or contact Family Voices.

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Anonymous said...

does anyone know anything more about this lawsuit? Has it been filed? Where? Sounds like it could help a lot of people in other states who are having similar Medicaid problems with choosing providers in sole source provider contract states.