Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Care Select update

Representatives of Family Voices and The Arc Network attended a state advocacy council meeting today regarding Care Select. As of March 1st, Care Select is statewide. The regional meetings were well attended with over 1100 consumers and providers present. We thank our membership for their attendance and we hope you found them helpful. If you missed the presentations, you can view an online version of the presentation at http://interactive.ihets.org/p72097049 .

You can also find more info here:
http://www.medicaidselect.com/index.html and

You can also contact them via email:

or contact:

Katie Holeman Shipp 317 234 3804 katie.holemanshipp@fssa.in.gov

or Jill Claypool 317 234 5551 jill.claypool@fssa.in.gov

Indiana Care Select Helpline: 1-866-963-7383

Hours of operation:
8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Monday-Friday
8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Saturday

Steps to Care Select:

· You should ask if your preferred primary care physician is enrolled with Care Select.

· If they are, you will need to simply select that provider. (this is true even if you have private insurance) If they are enrolled in BOTH Advantage and MDWise you can choose the CMO as well.

Before you choose a Care Management Organization (Advantage and/or MDWise) you are encouraged to call and speak with their member services department to get information about the different organizations..

If they are only enrolled in one CMO, you must choose that CMO.

· If your preferred Doctor is not enrolled, you can share who that physician is and ask that MD Wise and Advantage try to enroll that doctor. (also true for everyone with and without private insurance)

Calling soon will allow time for Advantage and/or MD Wise to try to enroll your current doctor.

If your doctor chooses not to enroll you may need to select a new doctor, (calling early will give you time to research who will be a good fit for you).

· Individuals who have private insurance in addition to Medicaid may be able to keep their primary care physician even if that doctor does not enroll in Care Select. The particulars of that option are still be worked out at the state level. If this applies to you—ask to speak to a supervisor when you call the enrollment broker.

· Individuals who do not call the enrollment broker will be auto assigned to a doctor. Auto assignment is planned to on June 1 for the remainder of the state.

Representatives also raised concerns over the fact that some members are being asked to share their IEP with the Care Management Organization (CMO). The CMO's explained that they hope to provide better coordinated care; however, members are NOT expected to share an IEP with them. Members may share current school services if they are comfortable doing so since the CMO hopes to ensure adequate coverage. The CMO's assured us that they will share this information with their care managers so they can answer any concerns families may have. Failure to share school therapy information will not jeopardize Care Select services.

We encourage members to learn their rights regarding medical and educational privacy issues. Feel free to contact Family Voices (fv.indiana@gmail.com) or The Arc Network (800 382 9100) if you need assistance with privacy issues and your rights.

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