Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Assistance for Hoosier Families affected by weather related damage

Due to recent events in Indiana, Family Voices would like to remind its membership of the following conference:

6th Annual Conference on Health, Disability, and the Law: Indianapolis

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Children with Disabilities

Keynote Speakers: Professor Deborah Mulligan, Nova Southeastern University; Richard Devylder, California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
June 20, 2008
8:45 am - 4:00 pm
Indiana University-School of Law-Indianapolis IUPUI
Inlow Hall
Contact Heather McCabe:

registration and more info

Family Voices would also like to share the following information with its members in case any of you are in need of assistance or know someone who is. Please take the following actions, if needed.

From DDRS:Due to the recent extreme weather conditions including flooding and tornadoes in many Indiana counties, the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS)/Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) is working to ensure that people with disabilities, if displaced or otherwise affected, receive necessary supports and assistance.
Our top priority is to partner with consumers, families, providers, and advocates so that each consumer is safe and their basic needs are being met. To do this, we ask that case managers and providers complete an incident report and inform their local BDDS district manager of any disaster-related losses as quickly as possible.

DDRS would also like to thank The Arc of Indiana for their effort and support by designating funds to provide disaster relief assistance to people with disabilities living in a disaster area. Individuals, families and providers can get more information regarding this assistance by contacting The Arc of Indiana at 1-800-382-9100 or 317-977-2375 or by going online to and clicking on "Disaster Relief Assistance" at the bottom of the page.

The following state resources are available to provide you with the most up-to-date information:
· BDDS Help Line: Toll Free Indiana 1-800-545-7763 or E-mail · The latest information from the Family and Social Services Administration, including Disaster Relief FAQs:
· The latest information from the State of Indiana:
In addition, the latest roster of BDDS districts by county and contact information for your local office personnel is located in the group files.
Thank you for partnering with us to assist people with disabilities affected by the recent weather-related disasters in Indiana counties.

From FSSA:
FSSA is offering assistance in multiple ways. These include:

Replacement Food Stamps
If a client's Food Stamps were lost in the disaster, they may go to any local Division of Family Resources office and staff will sign an affidavit to replace their Food Stamps. Click here <> to find your nearest local county office.

New applicants who are in need of Food Stamps
Governor Daniels has submitted for a Presidential declaration. Once a Presidential Declaration is approved for individual assistance, FSSA will be able to apply for a Food Stamp Disaster Program and new clients may be covered. Once this information is released, FSSA will follow up with more information on how to obtain this form of assistance.

Crisis Counseling
The Division of Mental Health and Addiction has established a crisis counseling hotline with trained crisis counselors on staff. Clients in need of this service can call 1-866-679-4631.

Aging Services
The Division of Aging is coordinating with the Local Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) to support aged and disabled clients during this time of disaster. If you or a loved one are in need of Aging services, please contact your local AAA. To find the location nearest you, call toll free 1-800-986-3505.

If Medicaid clients are in need of replacement durable medical equipment and/or medications they may call their durable medical supplier or pharmacy and staff will take the appropriate steps to get these replaced. If you do not know this number, please call EDS member services at, 1-800-457-4584.
Residents with Cerebral Palsy If you are in need of replacement durable medical equipment because of the flood, please contact United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Indiana, Inc. to apply for emergency assistance call - 317- 632-3561 or 800-723-7620.

Child Care
If a client's child care provider has been affected by the disaster, parents may call 1-800-299-1627 and receive help locating a new or temporary provider.
-- Family Voices of Indiana will share advocacy opportunities and updated information on issues that impact Indiana families of children with disabilities or special needs.If you would like to receive notices,please join us at're also on the web at:

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