Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Changes to A&D waiver

Family Voices is sharing the following bulletin with its members so they can discuss the changes with their case managers. The primary change is in rates, which affects providers, but may also affect the consumer's plan of care and/or cost comparison budget because of increased costs. Family Voices encourages its members to advocate that these rate increases result in better pay for direct support staff serving consumers. Some of the acronyms used are explained at the end of the note.

Some items important to Case Managers and consumers are:
· All A&D Waiver CCBs that have been imported by the State by Friday evening July 25 will be converted if they include dates of July 1, 2008 or after. This includes all approved CCBs and all CCBs that are pending on hot lists at the State.
· In addition to the rate changes, the converted CCBs will also implement the following changes for
the A&D Waiver:
o Respite Attendant (RATT) & Respite Homemaker (RHMK) are discontinued after July
31, 2008
o RATT and RHMK are replaced with Attendant Care (ATTC) and Homemaker (HMK)
for months of August 2008 and after.
· The “actions” for the converted CCBs should be exported to Case Management agencies by
Monday, July 28.
· From Monday, July 28 thru Thursday, July 31, CCB decision letters and NOA forms reflecting the
converted CCBs will be sent via email to Case Managers and providers. The subject line of the
emails will have the words “Rate Change” plus the usual shortened name and RID for the
individual. More than one decision letter and NOA may be sent for the same individual if there
are more than one CCB converted, for example the current CCB ends July 31 and the annual
starting August 1 has already been approved or is pending.

CCB=Cost Comparison Budget

NOA= Notice of Action

RATT= Respite Attendant services

RHMK= Respite Homemaker services

ATTC= Attendant Care services

HMK= Homemaker services

The bulletin outlining the rate increases can be accessed here: http://www.indianamedicaid.com/ihcp/Bulletins/BT200830.pdf

Direct questions about this article to: Karen Smith Filler, Deputy Director, Division of Aging, 402 W. Washington Street, Room W454, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 or Karen.Filler@fssa.in.gov.

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