Wednesday, July 23, 2008

National Forum on Disability Issues 7/26

The National Forum on Disability Issues, featuring the 2008 Presidential Candidates (or their representatives) is a historic, nonpartisan forum on national disability policy to be held on July 26, 2008 in Columbus, Ohio. The forum will feature time slots for the presidential candidates to individually present their visions for the future of disability policy in America followed by questions by Judy Woodruff, news anchor and journalist ("The News Hour with Jim Lehrer"), who will act as the Moderator.

From Fifth Freedom:

Register now to watch the National Forum on Disability Issues live on the Web

Can’t make it to Columbus on July 26, but still want to see all the action at the forum? The forum will be broadcast live on the Web. The webcast will feature closed captioning and onscreen American Sign Language interpreters.

Register now to see the live webcast at!

1. Visit . If clicking the link does not work, copy and paste the text into your address bar.

2. Join by filling out the short form.

A. Enter a screen name

B. Enter a password

C. Enter your email address

3. Once you join the site, you can register for the webcast.

A. Fill out the second form with your name and address and answer the questionnaire. It looks like a long form, but should only take a couple of minutes. Answering the questionnaire helps keep count of their viewers.

While you are waiting for the webcast, watch the promotional video at YouTube here: .

The more people that watch the webcast, the more attention the media will pay to the forum, so invite some friends to watch with you!

Whether in person or online, see you in Columbus!

Any questions? Contact Doug Schmidt.

Doug Schmidt

Act Team Coordinator

The Fifth Freedom Network

227 E. Washington Blvd, STE 304

Fort Wayne, IN 46802 46802

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