Monday, August 4, 2008

Article 7 update

As the 2008/2009 school year begins, Family Voices Indiana wanted to update its members on the new Article 7. It is important to note that the language as approved by the State Board of Education on June 4, 2008 was signed by Governor Mitch Daniels in July and will take effect on August 13, 2008. A full text version of the code is available online at Print versions (which will have purple covers) will be available shortly.
Family Voices urges its members to be aware that the implementation of this code will bring some significant changes to how issues including but not limited to discipline, written notice, consent, preschool class size and time, and post secondary transition are addressed. Families are encouraged to learn about the new Article 7, to ask questions of school personal and advocacy organizations, and to attend trainings as you seek to partner with your child's school and advocate for your child.
Sources for Information and Support on issues related to Article 7 Include:

The Indiana Department of Education's Center for Exceptional Learners (formally the Division of Exceptional Learners)
can provide text of code, sample complaint and other forms

(800) 332-4433
Provides training on Article 7 and has a state wide regional staff available to provide and information to parents in their local communities. support families understand of Special Education regulations and process

provides training on Article 7 and has staff throughout the state of Indiana to answer questions and provide support, information and resources.

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