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Project INDATA

Indiana Family and Social Services Administration/Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services has contracted with Easter Seals Crossroads to be the statewide provider of the Federal Assistive Technology Act. Wade Wingler, Director of the Assistive Technology Center at Easter Seals Crossroads stated, “we have two major goals in mind; one is to get assistive technology into the hands of Hoosiers with disabilities through device demonstrations, device loans, computer recycling and alternative financing. The second goal is to provide statewide outreach educational opportunities regarding assistive technology capabilities, options and resources. We will accomplish these efforts through quarterly trainings offered statewide through telerehab, an annual assistive technology conference and small group presentations.”

An ‘assistive technology device’ refers to any item, piece of equipment or product system (whether acquired commercially, modified, or customized) that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Examples of assistive technology include, but are not limited to, screen readers for people who are blind or visually impaired, voice input software, ergonomic and onscreen keyboards, screen magnification software, and augmentative communication devices.

Information and Referral: Anyone with questions about assistive technology may call our Information & Referral /Funding Specialist to learn more about available services and funding options.

Alternative Funding: Although there are a number of available funding sources for Assistive Technology equipment and services, there are times when an individual does not qualify for a traditional funding source. Easter Seals Crossroads has established a committee to explore the options of low-interest or extended term bank loans as well as other alternative funding mechanisms to meet Assistive Technology needs.

Device Demonstration: Many individuals benefit from experiencing a basic Assistive Technology equipment demonstration. These demonstrations are available state-wide and typically allow an individual to spend 10-20 minutes with an Assistive Technology Specialist who demonstrates the basic features of the Assistive Technology device or software. (Does not result in recommendations.)
Regional AT center locations

Device Loan: Easter Seals Crossroads has a growing library of Assistive Technology devices that can be loaned for up to three months.

Equipment Reutilization: In Spring 2008, Easter Seals Crossroads will launch an on-line buy/sell/trade web tool that will facilitate the reutilization of previously owned assistive technology. This free service will reduce the number of Assistive Technology devices that are abandoned when no longer needed by the original user. Equipment Exchange System

Recycled Computer Program: Donated computers are picked up from the donor, wiped of all previous data, refurbished and provided, at no charge, to individuals with disabilities who live in Indiana and have no other means of obtaining a computer. Click here for an application.

Training: Easter Seals Crossroads is sponsoring quarterly Assistive Technology Trainings, which are hosted in Indianapolis. Topics may include device-specific training, advocacy, funding, clinical techniques and other relevant topics. Additionally, trainings are offered to local Universities as well as service clubs and other interested groups. Soon, these trainings will be broadcast, via distance education systems, to various locations in Indiana.

Conference: On September 26, 2008 Easter Seals Crossroads will sponsor a state-wide Assistive Technology Conference at the Indianapolis Convention Center. For specific questions or additional information contact Wade Wingler or Emily Abel at 1-888-466-1314 or email us at and You can also register here.

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