Friday, November 28, 2008

First Steps—Opportunity for Input

The Indiana First Steps Unified Training Systems (UTS) training contractor (ProKids) is currently collecting input about Training and Technical Assistance needs within the First Steps system. Family Voices Indiana encourages current and former First Steps Families to share their thoughts on needs. You can share your thoughts on the types of trainings you would like the providers serving your family to have by sending an email to As you compose your input it might be helpful for you to know that providers are being asked about their interest/need in the following topics for further training:
• First Steps system (billing, rates, caseload, etc)
• Legal requirements of Part C and Part B
• Understand IDEA Part C and Part B
• Interviewing and listening to families
• Families in emotional distress, crisis
• Best practice in Early Intervention
• Communication/working with families who are different from my own (culture,socio-economic, values, single-parent, age difference, etc)
• Working in the families' Natural Environment (home, community, childcare)
• Collaboration/Team work in First Steps (Team Building)
• IFSP planning
• Transition in Early Intervention
• Infant/Toddler social emotional development and attachment temperament issues
• Behavior management
• Parents with mental illness, disability, depression, abuse
• Chronic illness in children
• Taking care of myself as a provider
• Developing Clinical/intervention planning using routines based interview
• Records management/documentation/time management
• Infant/Toddler Assessment
• Linking Assessments to intervention planning
• Safety issues
• Brain Development and early learning
• Coaching/Mentoring/Communicating/Supervision Training
• Professional ethics/boundary issues
• Effective Collaboration with families

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