Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Statewide Presentation about OASIS

We encourage all of our members to attend/view this presentation to become better educated about OASIS. Please note at the end of the announcement that they are accepting email questions prior to the presentation.
From DDRS:

On Wednesday, December 17, 2008, from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) will host a comprehensive statewide informational forum. The purpose of the presentation is to educate consumers and all stakeholders on new processes and expectations that will apply under the Objective Assessment System for Individual Supports (OASIS) that is to roll-out beginning in January 2009.

The single presentation format will ensure that each individual involved has the most up-to-date information and provide an interactive forum where participants can have their questions answered. We have made every attempt to make the presentation as accessible to as many people as possible by offering multiple viewing/participation options:

o Primary host location in the Indiana Government Center-South Auditorium.
o Live streaming of host presentation on the World Wide Web (address to be announced).
o Live streaming of host presentation to seven (7) satellite locations across Indiana. BDDS District Managers will moderate at each location (see tables below)
o Video tape of the presentation, to be edited for length, will be posted for online viewing as quickly as possible following the live presentation.
o An interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing will be available at the host and the interpretation will be viewable at the satellite locations. If you will require additional accommodations for accessibility, please contact the OASIS Help Line by phone as soon as possible.

System Transformation Video Conference Event Locations:

Main Event: Host Location
BDDS District 5
Indiana Government Center South (IGCS) 1st Floor Auditorium
403 W. Washington St, Indianapolis, IN

Event Satellite Locations (live video feed):
BDDS District 1
Purdue Extension
880 E. 99th Ct., Crown Point, IN
BDDS District 2
Indiana State University
Wiekamp Hall, Room 1001 (Parking connected to building), South Bend, IN
BDDS District 3
Public Safety Academy of Northeast Indiana
7602 Patriot Crossing Auditorium, Fort Wayne, IN
BDDS District 4
Indiana State University
Room Science 012 (next to the Union Building), Terre Haute, IN
BDDS District 6
Ball State University
Ball Communications Building (BC 129)
McKinley Avenue, Muncie
BDDS District 7
Ivy Tech
3501 1st Ave. North Side Auditorium, Evansville
BDDS District 8
Jackson County Library
303 W Second St, Seymour

We are accepting E-mails in advance of the presentation so that we may include them within our presentation. Please direct your OASIS / system transformation-related questions to our OASIS Help Line. In addition, we encourage you to contact the Help Line at any time for assistance relating to the OASIS system transformation.

OASIS-ICAP Help Lines: (317) 234-5222 or 1-888-527-0008

Email: OASIS-ICAPHelp@fssa.IN.gov

Website: www.ddrs.IN.gov

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