Thursday, January 22, 2009

Change in enrollment process for self directed attendant care (A&D)

In 2002, FSSA applied for and received a federal systems change grant (Community Personal Assistance Services and Supports Grant (C-PASS) to expand consumer-directed personal attendant care under the Aged & Disabled waiver.
Individuals receiving the A&D waiver have had an option to select the self directed care option. However, there was a recent letter sent to case managers outlining a change to the enrollment process. Family Voices recommends that consumers discuss this with their case manager. It would also be helpful to contact your legislator and share with them the benefits of funding such a program and what it means to your family. You can find your legislator here .

This is the letter sent to case managers:

January 9, 2009


Dear Case Manager:


This letter is to inform you of an important change to the enrollment process for the Self Directed Attendant Care program.  As of January 1, 2009, enrollment for the Self Directed Attendant Care program will be capped at 350 consumers.  Unfortunately, we are now at capacity with 350 authorized consumers.  Therefore, the Division of Aging must put a temporary freeze on program enrollment.


The Division of Aging is working with Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL) to determine if any of the slots currently occupied with authorized consumers can be made available to other individuals.  The Division of Aging is also working on a policy for accepting new consumers into the program.  Those policies will be made available to you as soon as possible.


We know this program is important to many of the individuals you serve.  We are working as quickly as possible to coordinate with PPL regarding the number of available slots.  Please be advised, however, that self directed attendant care through the CHOICE program is not a viable option for waiver eligible individuals seeking to choose attendant care services. 


Please contact PPL's Customer Service number 1-866-264-2296 with any questions or concerns regarding the enrollment process.




Karen Smith Filler

Deputy Director

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