Friday, January 23, 2009

Part C (First Steps) Regulations Update

Part C (First Steps) Regulations Update:
January 21, 2009 According to the Associated Press, one of the first actions of President Barack Obama yesterday after he was sworn in was to order federal agencies to halt all pending regulations until his administration can review them. Meanwhile, according to the website, the Part C Regulations were “withdrawn” January 16, 2009. (See link to this announcement below- you can cut and paste this link into your browser). (Select Department of Education in the second drop down box on this page and then submit).
It is not clear what this means about the publication of final Part C regulations. What is clear is that any decision about the regulations will be made through the leadership of the new U.S. Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who was confirmed by the Senate yesterday by a voice vote.

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