Monday, April 6, 2009

Announcing KASA's newest pocket guide for youth!

Announcing National Kids As Self Advocates' newest pocket guide!

The pocket guide “How to be Involved in a Board or Council: Roles and Responsibilities” covers:
 Why youth should get involved in their community
 Questions to ask the board/council
 Skills and/or attitudes needed to serve on a board/council
 Roles and responsibilities
 How to be prepared
 Tips to deal with what might be hard
 Suggestions for working with adults
 And many other resources

Written by youth who have served on boards and councils successfully this 24 page pocket guide will give young people interested in getting more involved in their community the information they need!

To order the pocket guide by mail, order online by visiting: (scroll down to under “what’s new” to find the pocket guide).

This pocket guide was developed as a result of direct feedback to our KASA Youth as Leaders manual; A "How-To" Manual on including youth as leaders in your organization, agency or project. Projects and agencies using this manual to include youth in their leadership bodies requested a companion guide for youth. So if you are using the KASA Youth as Leaders manual, this pocket guide is for you!

“In looking over several different materials to train our youth board members, the KASA pocket guide was by far the most useful.” Julia Fonseca, Executive Director of the Kansas Youth Empowerment Academy

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