Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update on CSHC Action Alert

FV Indiana continues to share our members concern about changes to Indiana’s Children’s Special Health Care program. The following update was received from Kathy J. Bowen, Director
CSHCS on May 28th:

“CSHCS funding for FY 2010 comes from the State Budget and from our portion of Title V funds, which also support Maternal and Child Health Programs. In consideration of the current economic environment and anticipated decreases in funding, CSHCS has made some changes to reduce expenditures. These include reducing payment amounts to be made for family travel and adding an annual payment cap for ABA therapy for treatment of autism.

Consideration was also given to reducing the financial threshold for eligibility from 250% of the FPL to 225% FPL, however, we are delaying making any decision until the final budget is received.

Thank you for your inquiry. Hopefully, we will have more information in the upcoming month.”

Family Voices urges you to continue to share your input on pending changes to Indiana’s Children Special Health Care program. Please share your thoughts via email to the following:
Your State Representatives. You can find their contact information at:
Director of Children’s, Kathy Bowen,
Medical Director, Dr. Judith Ganser,
Director of State Department of Health, Dr. Judy Monroe,

A personal email to legislators as they prepare to consider a new state budget is very powerful.

Talking points to consider in addition to your personal story include:

Children's has for many years provided critical relief for many Indiana families who are faced with the catastrophic cost of raising a child with a special health care need. We believe that a reduction in eligibility, particularly in the current economic climate, represents a step backwards in Indiana's efforts to ensure children have access to needed care.

· the 25% reduction in income limits represents a significant change.
· reducing payments for travel directly impacts families access to care
· this effort to reduce eligibility follows several years when we and other family groups throughout the state were repeatedly told that the CSHCS program was underutilized.

Many families in Indiana rely on CSHCS to supplement private insurance. It is also critical to many families waiting for years for a Medicaid waiver. Even if you personally do not utilize CSHCS, it is still critical for you to share your concerns about the impact it will have on our community.

Please take action; send an email; share this information with others (often family and friends are willing to advocate on behalf of issues that are important to our families). To help us gauge our impact, consider CC on your email or send us a short note about your efforts and any response you have received.
Thank you on behalf of Indiana families and the families yet to come!

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