Monday, June 8, 2009

Special Legislative Session

The Indiana General Assembly will return to the Statehouse this week to resume work on a new state budget.The special legislative session will begin June 11. FV Indiana encourages our members to contact your legislators to share your perspective on budget priorities during these difficult financial times. Some key points to consider sharing are:
• Education is a priority for our families just as it is for all Hoosier families. Local schools will be, and are benefiting, from stimulus dollars to support IDEA (special education). We hope that the legislators will support efforts to ensure that those dollars benefit students with disabilities.
• Stimulus dollars have also provided critical funding for Medicaid and we support Indiana’s efforts to maintain existing programs and make no cuts to Medicaid.
• Proposed funding cuts to the Indiana State Department of Health could adversely impact Indiana’s Children’s Special Health Care program. We urge the legislators to maintain current eligibility criteria for this critical program

A personal email to legislators as they prepare to consider a new state budget is very powerful. Please take a few moments to share what state programs and services mean to your family. You can find their contact information at:

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