Monday, July 13, 2009

The Down Syndrome Indiana Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC)

FV Indiana invites you to consider being a part of the following:

The Down Syndrome Indiana Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) is forming a special Health Care subcommittee and we are looking for individuals to participate and lead this initiative in partnership with the GAC. As many of you are aware, there are significant discussions underway to reform healthcare and at the same time we are challenged with declining tax revenues and challenging budgets that could compromise current programming for individuals with disabilities. It is important that the Down syndrome community is actively in engaged to ensure that we are appropriately represented in the health care discussions so we can help direct policy changes in this area. The role of this committee would be the following:- Keep abreast of the current health care policy and advise the GAC on key issues and actions required.- Lead the process to develop a plan to create a more general health insurance mandate that includes individuals with Down syndrome.- Provide opportunities to educate the members of the Down syndrome community on policy issues related to health care.- Monitor Indiana's Children's Special Health Care program and ensure that it continues to effectively serve the Down syndrome community in Indiana.- Form partnerships with other disability advocacy groups in Indiana to develop a unified voice for positive change in health care policy.Down syndrome advocacy and support organizations across Indiana are blessed with many talented people who could contribute their passion and energy in making positive change in health care policy. If you are one of these individuals and are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Tom Milvert at .

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