Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Indiana's Eligibility Modernization

FV Indiana encourages our members to share their experiences with Indiana's Eligibility Modernization:

FSSA and the IBM-led Coalition are reaching out to hear about agencies’ experiences with the Indiana Eligibility Modernization. We hope that they will provide insight into what is working well, what has improved since the new system began, and challenges that may remain.

Please distribute this link (see below) and encourage your members to respond to the survey. As many of you have seen through our various site visits and trainings – we listen when you express concerns and much of your feedback has turned into improvements to the system. FSSA and the IBM-led Coalition are dedicated to improving the convenience and effectiveness of the public assistance system for your clients and their families. We also ask for feedback about us, the V-CAN Team/Network, to better identify ways that we can educate and inform you and other association members going forward.

We would like to get all responses by Friday July 31st, 2009. This information will be compiled by the V-CAN team and then summarized to report back to the IBM-led Coalition and FSSA.

Your members can click on this link to respond to the survey:


Thank you!

The V-CAN Team

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