Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Potential changes to IBM's Indiana welfare project

from The Associated Press:

A top Indiana official says the state's privately run welfare project has so many problems that the state could begin taking steps to cancel its $1.16 billion contract this fall.

Family and Social Services Administration Secretary Anne Murphy says she asked lead vendor IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) to prepare a "corrective action plan" as part of a process that could result in canceling the 10-year deal if improvements don't occur by the end of September.

Murphy says the state wants IBM and its partners to succeed. IBM spokesman Jim Larkin says the company is working aggressively to make changes.

Lawmakers and clients say the project has led to lost documents, slow approvals and severed eligibility for Medicaid and food stamps.

Texas canceled a similar project in 2007.

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Anonymous said...

I worked for the current, privately run system. There are many flaws. I dealt with complaint after complaint from participants stating the call center claiming their documents were missing (although I would be looking right at them). Another common complaint was applications being denied due to system failure to send out notice of appointments. I am personally dealing with this issue now regarding my application for medical assistance for my two daughters (one of which has Cerebral Palsy). I applied for medicaid July 30th. I did not received appt letter. When I discovered I had missed an appt I rescheduled for a phone interview at my home. They did not call me. Two weeks have passed since. Ihave requested a resolve, phoned the complaint line and still nothing.

The system does not work. I've seen it from both sides. The corrective actions being made amount to a charade of corporate red tape, excessive reports which cause more stress on undertrained, understaffed workers- reducing their time to actually deal with the problem at hand... serving the people the system is currently failing.