Thursday, August 6, 2009

OASIS suspension update-those targeted for DD/AU waivers

From DDRS:

Part 1
The information in this section applies only to individuals who 1) are currently without services;
and 2) were transitioning from the waitlist onto a Developmental Disabilities (DD) or Autism
(AU) waiver; and 3) had been targeted to begin waiver services, i.e. received eligibility letters
from the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS), who began the process by
accepting either a DD or AU waiver.
After several months of ongoing review and analysis, we have made much progress. We are
confident that our processes will determine appropriate allocation amounts. As a result, we are
now prepared to give budgets to eligible individuals who meet all of the criteria listed above.

Part 2
The information in this section applies to the individuals identified in Part I above, as well as all individuals starting DD and AU waiver services going forward. Funding will be based on the results of an ICAP Assessment and Addendum Questions, as well as their current or planned living arrangement. Waiver funding anticipates one (1) of three (3) different community living arrangements for the individual: Living at home with Family Living with two others in a shared three person setting (with 2 housemates) Living in an Adult Foster Care (AFC) home
While an individual may elect to live in a setting of their choosing, understand that waiver program funding is limited and will only consider supporting the services necessary while living in one of the three settings described. Please remember that the purpose for sharing staff and roommates is to make sure we are able to maintain funding at appropriate levels for as many individuals as possible as well as to continue to bring people off of our waiver waiting list.

The individual’s waiver funding allocation shall reserve a portion of available funds for two (2) key service areas: Day Services and Behavior Management. Depending on need level, a specific amount of funds are set aside for use in each of these important service categories and may not be used for other forms of service, including but not limited to, Residential Habilitation Services (RHS). Services may only be redirected from Day Services under extreme or emergency circumstances. For example, day program services are not offered in your community.

The DDRS Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles remain the fundamental basis for every decision and action we put in place. As we make these and other changes, we will continually monitor and evaluate any impact for the individuals we serve, our providers, and our overall system. This will help us identify any problems and make adjustments to solve them.
We know additional changes will occur moving forward and are working to be as supportive as possible during this period of transition. To educate consumers, families, providers and other stakeholders, we are developing a Webinar to explain our system changes, including current processes and documentation. Look for a communication in the near future that will announce the dates and times of those presentations.

We will continue to communicate information by posting it on our website and sending updates through our DDRS Bulletin Archive. As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the OASIS initiative you may continue to contact us through the following resources:
OASIS‐ICAP Help Lines: (317) 234‐5222 or 1‐888‐527‐0008
DDRS Website:
DDRS Bulletin Archive:

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