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CISS parent consultant position

IN CISS Project Parent Consultant Position Description:

Title: IN CISS Project Parent Consultant


Parent Consultant is responsible for providing the parent perspective to the IN CISS Project. The consultant will provide the parent perspective in developing/selecting educational materials and information and developing policies and procedures for the IN CISS project. Parent Consultant will assist the IN CISS Project Facilitator in meeting (IN CISS Advisory Committee and Learning Collaborative) and training preparation, staffing of the IN CISS Advisory Committees, reviewing Learning Collaborative/Quality Improvement Tool Kit materials, and providing parent perspective training and technical assistance to the QI medical home team practices participating in the Learning Collaborative. The Parent Consultant will assist the project and the practices in the identification, recruitment and training of parents for participation on practice teams and IN CISS Advisory committee representation.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Specific duties include but are not limited to:

  1. Work with the IN CISS Project Facilitator in all aspects of planning, developing, and implementing the work of the QI medical home team. Become familiar with the Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle of practice improvement; understand how to write AIM statements (goal statement for small tests of change).

2. Work with the IN CISS Project Facilitator with evaluation activities at the practice to collect pre- and post-project data utilizing surveys and assessments for the project.

3. Model family leadership, advocate and provide resources to parents and practice personnel to advance the family-centered care philosophy of Medical Home.

4. Travel throughout the state to assist practice staff in becoming comfortable, competent, and welcoming to families with CYSHCN.

5. Facilitate the identification and use of appropriate community resource materials for parents and practice staff.

6. Serve as a resource regarding tools available to help QI medical home practice teams accomplish goals and objectives. Must be knowledgeable about existing medical home resources available through the American Academy of Pediatrics’ National Center of Medical Home Initiatives for Children with Special Needs, Center for Medical Home Improvement, Division of Specialized Care for Children, National Center for Cultural Competence, and National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality, to name a few.

7. Partner with the IN CISS Project Facilitator in providing support for QI team including providing family centered care perspective to the agenda development, meeting planning/coordination, minute preparation, coordinating conference calls, and arranging for in-services as required.

8. Work with the IN CISS Project Facilitator in providing administrative support for QI team activities including word processing of practice documents, sample care plans, and tools.

9. Assist in coordinating QI team participation at medical home learning sessions.

10. Respond to e-mail requests for information regarding the project.

11. Assist in the preparation of progress reports regarding QI Team activities for grant reporting purposes.

12. Serve as a resource for primary care providers and their office staff, family partners, and community-based organizations collaborating on the project.

13. Assist in the facilitation of the IN CISS Advisory Committee meetings; ensure staffing is provided at IN CISS Advisory sub-committee meetings.

14. Other duties as needed to facilitate the grant activities.


Parent of child/children with special health care needs. Preferably with a college degree.


Be a parent of child/children with special health care needs. Ability to look beyond own issues and concerns and be able to address perspectives of other families with CYSHCN recognizing the cultural diversity in the state. Excellent organizational, interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills. Ability to multi-task and work well with multidisciplinary teams, i.e. physicians, medical professionals, volunteers, community groups, and families of children with special needs. Interest in the promotion of programs and projects for children and families. Ability to work in an inclusive manner with families and people of diverse cultures. .


Experience navigating state and local government systems and the ability to advocate for CYSHCN and their families while working within a multidisciplinary team, i.e. medical professionals, volunteers, community groups, and families of children with special needs. Experience accessing a wide variety of services and supports, knowledge of statewide and local family and disability organizations. Understanding of the Medical Home and Family-Centered Care.


2 North Meridian Street, Section 8C, Indianapolis, IN 46204


Year 1= 24 hours per week (3 days)

Year 2= 24 hours per week (3 days)

Year 3= 32 hours per week.(4 days)


Kimberly K. Minniear

Kimberly K. Minniear, Director

Integrated Community Services Program

Maternal & Children's Special Health Care Services

Indiana State Department of Health

2 North Meridian Street- 7th Floor

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Office: (317) 233-7428

Fax: (317) 233-7001


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