Monday, November 23, 2009

teacher trainings and licensing -update

Family Voices Indiana wishes to update our members about the process to change the teacher trainings and licensing process in Indiana. Many of you gave input either in writing or at public hearings. It is important to note that there has been some impact based on the input the Department of Education received. The following update is excerpted from one provided by the Indiana Association of Colleges of Teacher Education:

First, I will share the next steps of the Board. It will review all of the
recommended changes to REPA, discuss them and approve the changes for
inclusion in a new draft of REPA. It is important to note that voting
approval of the changes DOES NOT mean that the changes are permanent; it
only means that the Department of Education has permission to change the
draft with the approved language changes. Once all the recommendations have
been discussed and approved for inclusion in a new draft, the new REPA draft
will be prepared and voted on at subsequent meeting.

On Wednesday, the Board reviewed Articles 1, 3, 4, 5 and part of 8.
Highlights of the changes include:

1) Inclusion in the definition of professional education and pedagogy
cultural competency and instructional technology

2) Changes to the language reference to the role of the building
administrator/supervisor re: professional growth plans; the role being to
verify the plan and its completion, rather than approve

3) Specific examples of what experiences may be a part of a
professional growth plan were re-inserted into REPA and specific reference
is included to use of six credit hours of advanced study in pedagogy or
content areas

4) Credit hour limits/requirements in approved programs HAVE BEEN

5) With respect to approval of programs, the recommended language is
"An approved program shall prepare students and the required content
preparation must be at least identical to the content major requirements."
[IAC 3-1-1 (c)]

6) The elementary license has been redefined to be K-6

7) The early childhood education license has been retained as a P-3

8) The middle school license has been retained as a 5-9 license

9) Content standards will be included in the section for each content
area AND they will be the existing 2002 Standards

10) The minor in the elementary education curriculum has been defined to
include most of the content areas in REPA

11) Reading instruction in the secondary education curriculum, though
still referred to as "scientifically based", will be adjusted to reference
the needs of early adolescents and adolescents

The meeting ended around 4:15, and the Board still has the remainder of
Articles 8, and all of Articles 9, 10 and 12 to review. The Board agreed to
review the remainder of the recommendations at the meeting scheduled for
Thursday, December 10th at 10:00 am. The Board will review the revised REPA
document in its entirety for a vote to approve at its meeting on Thursday,
January 7th.

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