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OASIS rollout suspended

from DDRS:
To:          Consumers, providers, case managers and stakeholders who support individuals with disabilities in Indiana

From:      Anne W. Murphy, FSSA Secretary
   Peter A. Bisbecos, DDRS Director

Re:         OASIS Rollout Suspended

Date:      March 13, 2009

Effective today, the OASIS rollout will be suspended while a review of the allocation methodology is conducted.  Thank you for all of the feedback that we received.  We will work with INARF and the Arc, and others to ensure that the allocations address the needs of those we serve.

Anne W. Murphy, Secretary
Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA)

Peter Bisbecos, Director
Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS)

OASIS review process

from The Arc:
 "Requesting an OASIS Review," stresses that it is very important to to request that the IPMG case manager submit an OASIS Review Request if there are concerns regarding the Medicaid waiver budget allocation received under the new OASIS assessment process. 
Requesting an OASIS Review is the first step to resolving individual cases and should be taken as quickly as possible.

To read this important information, please go to:

Please share this information with families and consumers.