Thursday, April 8, 2010

New IHCP Website

FV Indiana wanted to share the following from the Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy & Planning, the members section provides helpful information both for those already enrolled in a Medicaid program and those who are interested in learning about possible eligibility:

I want to invite you to check out our new Medicaid website which debuted
yesterday! It can be located at the following URL .

New member content outlines Indiana Health Coverage Programs, directs potential members how to apply, and teaches current members how to best utilize their benefits. Keep your eyes open for additional changes to provider content this summer.

The intent is not to replace FSSA websites or content therein as is a high level view of all Indiana Medicaid programs for the general population. There are links in place, as appropriate to FSSA sites for additional information.
This site provides an individual with a basic understanding of Medicaid programs
and encourages them to apply if they believe they may be eligible based on the
guidelines presented.

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