Tuesday, May 4, 2010


National Kids As self Advocates is pleased to announce four NEW Tip-sheets and one NEW article written BY youth with disabilities, FOR youth.
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How to Work with Personal Care Assistants
When a young disabled person turns 18 years old, legally, they become an adult. He/she wants to be independent, but may need help with dressing, feeding, bathroom, exercising, and so on. That is where Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) or Personal Assistants come in. PCAs are hired and supervised by the person with disabilities. This article offers tips about being a supervisor for PCAs as well as how to manage relationships with PCAs.

Dancing Through LifeAre interested in getting involved in dance or other physically integrated recreational activities? Check out one KASA member’s experience with dance and what it has meant to her.
How to Ride the Bus
Using the bus can be one of the keys to your independence. In this tip sheet you will learn about what you need to know to find a bus route to where you want to go, figure out the accommodations you may need and basically everything you need to know to make sure the wheels of the bus go “round and round” with YOU on board.

Funding Higher Education
Whether you are in grammar school and the word “college” isn’t even in your vocabulary or in high school preparing for college, it is never too late (or too early) to start looking for funds. “Where do I start?” you may wonder. There are many resources available. Check out this tip sheet for ideas and resources on funding college.

My Story About Surviving A Hospital Stay
By Sunjay Smith
March 2010
This article is about Sunjay’s experience in the hospital, what he wished doctors understood, and about transitioning back to the community.

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Anonymous said...

The article called Funding Higher Education, can be a very important tool for parents. Being a mother of a two year old, I start to wonder how I will fund my son college. This article was very helpful because it describes the different saving plans that are available such as the “529 plan”, among many other resources. I will recommend this article to all parents, who want to start planning their children education. This guide will provide you with many important resources and ideas on how to fund your children college.

Anonymous said...

The article “What is vocational Rehabilitation” can be very helpful for older adults with disabilities. It provides very specific details on what services does the program provides, who qualifies for the services etc. I really found this article very useful, because I will be able to pass this information to a family member, that has a son with developmental disabilities.

SF-PUC said...

I have just learned of KASA. Who could advocate for youths with disabilities better than the youths themselves. Keep sharing the helpful and positive information about all the concerns, needs, and most importantly the successes of youths with disabilities.