Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Voices Indiana is Now a Non-profit

Good news Indiana! We are delighted to announce that Family Voices Indiana is now a non-profit organization and the official national Family Voices State Organization Affiliate. We welcome and encourage your membership and involvement in this important effort to support families in our state. Read on!!
Family Voices Indiana has been serving Indiana families and their professional partners since 1997 as an all volunteer effort. It is our mission to meet the information needs of families while supporting the role of the family voice in advocacy. Families at all stages in their journey of raising children with disabilities and special health care needs often comment that they are overwhelmed by the complexities of the systems and services they encounter. FV Indiana believes that families have much to contribute in strengthening these systems as they provide the invaluable reality check that can only come from end users. We currently directly serve over 5,000 families statewide, including members in each of Indiana’s 92 counties, with significant broader impact via our strategic partnerships. Our focused efforts fill information, advocacy, support and leadership development needs of Hoosier families via our comprehensive statewide communication network that meets families where they are and provides access to the information they need when they need it. Our multi-platform electronic outreach network continues to expand as we utilize a variety of communication strategies to reach families with information where they are, in the format they prefer, and on the platform they most frequently use to receive information.
To help us kick off this official new beginning, we invite you to become a member of the national Family Voices. A portion of your national membership fee returns to Indiana to support our statewide organization. To become a member of the Family Voices visit https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=867 .
We also need your direct support in both financial and volunteer contributions. To learn more about how you can volunteer your time, contact us at FV.indiana@gmail.com. You may send a tax deductible donation to:

Family Voices Indiana
4060 W 400 S
Lebanon IN 46052

It is indeed an exciting time in Indiana. Family Voices Indiana looks forward to achieving several outcomes including family-centered care for all children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities through providing families tools to make informed decisions, advocating for improved public and private policies, building partnerships among professionals and families, and serving as a trusted resource on health care.
Thank you for your continued support and interest in Family Voices Indiana. To learn more visit http://fvindiana.blogspot.com. For questions please write us at FV.indiana@gmail.com.
In support of families,

Stephan Viehweg

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