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Tax Time

Family Voices Indiana believes in the power of sharing our individual and shared experiences of raising children with disabilities and special health care needs. We know our stories are the stories of families in all areas of our state and the our neighbors and policy makers are strengthened by hearing about the real impact of the programs and services our families need. We share the following from Sarah Riggs Kennedy, Boone County, as a reminder to all our members of the power and importance of sharing our stories:

During this wonderful time of year (note sarcasm) I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the tax payers out there. I know so many of you grumble about where your tax dollars are going, so I thought I would let you know where some of them went last year.

My 11 year old daughter, Maddie, was born with spina bifida. She was also diagnosed with Autism. Because of these conditions, she receives many services that are paid for through tax dollars through Medicaid.…

Independent Living Public Hearing

To: Consumers and stakeholders who support individuals with disabilities
From: The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services

Re: Independent Living Public Hearing
Date: April 9, 2010

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS), a program of the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services, invites the public to share comments regarding revisions of the new three-year State Plan for Independent Living. One public hearing will be held:
Tuesday, April 27, 2010
1:00 -3:00 PM (EST)
Indiana Government Center South
Conference Center, Room A
402 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46207

Comments must be received by Monday, May 3, 2010. Individuals interested in providing feedback should prepare their comments in writing, if possible. The final State Plan will be prepared following the comment due date. Anyone needing an alternate document format or those unable to attend the public hearing may
contact for assistance, or by mail to:
Nancy Young, IL Program Director

New IHCP Website

FV Indiana wanted to share the following from the Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy & Planning, the members section provides helpful information both for those already enrolled in a Medicaid program and those who are interested in learning about possible eligibility:

I want to invite you to check out our new Medicaid website which debuted
yesterday! It can be located at the following URL .

New member content outlines Indiana Health Coverage Programs, directs potential members how to apply, and teaches current members how to best utilize their benefits. Keep your eyes open for additional changes to provider content this summer.

The intent is not to replace FSSA websites or content therein as is a high level view of all Indiana Medicaid programs for the general population. There are links in place, as appropriate to FSSA sites for additional information.
This site provides an individual with a basic understanding of Medicaid programs
and …

Statement By Secretary Sebelius on National Autism Awareness Month

FV Indiana shares the following as our members seek to stay updated on Federal Policy

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Contact: HHS Press Office (202) 690-6343

During National Autism Awareness Month, we reflect on an urgent public health challenge and rededicate ourselves to addressing the complex needs of people with autism and their families. Over the last decade, we've learned that autism is far more prevalent than we had previously believed, affecting one out of every 110 American children. While we still have a lot to learn about what causes autism and which treatments can help people with autism thrive, we're getting closer to finding answers thanks to a historic new investment in autism research. At the same time, we continue to improve lives by educating health care professionals about how to detect the disorder early, funding networks of providers and parents that spread information about the most promising autism treatments, and helping autistic children …