Monday, January 3, 2011

Public Comment Period for DDRS Policies

FV Indiana encourages our members to share their perspective during the upcoming public comment period.
The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) has made a commitment to transparency and public input in the policy development process. As a result, all new policies and policy updates will be posted online for public review and comment. The public comment period will last 10 business days from the date of posting, after which all policies will be removed from the page, reviewed based on the public input, finalized and posted onto the DDRS policy page.
The following policies will be posted on Tuesday January 4, 2011 and will be available for review until Monday January 17, 2011:
Individualized Support Teams
Use of Restrictive Interventions
Incident Reporting
Protection of Individual Rights
Behavioral Support Plan
BQIS Complaints
Individual/Guardian Responsibilities
Imminent Danger
Outcome Attainment
Personnel Policies & Manuals
Personnel Records
Professional Qualifications
Provider Organizational Chart
Provider Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement System
Provider Code of Ethics
Provider Conflict of Interest
Criminal Histories
Direct Support Staff
Employment of Persons with Prohibited Offenses or Non-Residency Status
Financial Requirements of Providers
Human Rights Committee
Individuals’ Personal Information – Site of Service Delivery
Individuals’ Personal Information – Provider Office
Insurance Requirements of Providers
If you have any questions please contact Shane Spotts (
Policies for Public Comment are available here.

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