Friday, March 11, 2011

Opportunities to share your voice!

FV Indiana relies on its members for the content we share. Here are two opportunities to share your voice!

First Anniversary Affordable Care Act, March 23rd
To mark the anniversary of this historic health care reform law, we invite our members to share how this law is important to their family. Many families have found the law’s provisions requiring insurance plans to accept children with pre-existing conditions, to eliminate annual maximums and lifetime caps, to accept young adults under the age of 26 on their parents’ health plans, and to provide free preventive services to all enrollees are already making a significant difference. We will post your input on March 23rd , the first anniversary of this law. Please consider sharing a few sentences about the difference the ACA makes or will make for your family.

TAX Day April 15th
Building on the voice of a member last year who wrote about how Hoosiers’ tax dollars benefit her family, we invite families to share how various tax-supported programs and services (e.g., First Steps, Special Education, Medicaid, etc) have helped their families. We will post these in the days leading up to April 15th. You can view an example of this here.

If you would like to share input on either of these topics, please send via email to . We want to hear from you!

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