Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Were Able to Obtain a Policy

The ACA has had an incredible impact on my family. My daughter Maddy has a mild form of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Non-Specified,( PDD NOS). Although she has speech and other developmental delays, she rarely has any need for medical care beyond typical 9 year old well and sick visits. My husband became self employed in the Fall of 2009, so we needed to obtain our own health insurance. Because of Maddy’s diagnosis, i.e. pre-existing condition, we either were rejected by insurance companies or had to pay triple the cost of the members of the rest of our family for equivalent coverage for Maddy. After September of 2010, we were able to obtain a policy that was fair and reasonably priced. Even though health care costs continue to rise, we now had peace of mind, knowing that Maddy would have adequate health coverage. I am also comforted by the fact that Maddy can remain on our policy until age 26. Because of her delays and challenges, she may live with is and need our support past the age of 18.

Angela Paxton
Mother to Gillian (12) and Maddy (9)
Carmel, IN

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