Friday, April 8, 2011

New Regulations for DD Medicaid Waivers and Children Under 6

Family Voices wants its members to be aware of the following change to the DD waiver waiting lists, to include the DD, Autism and Support Services waivers. This information was shared in the recent ASK newsletter. If we receive further clarification from DDRS, we will share that with you.

from ASK:
If a family signs their child up for the Medicaid waivers before the age of 6 years old, the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities (BDDS) will no longer do a medical evaluation to determine if the child has a disability until the year the child turns 6 yrs old. It is up to the family to contact their BDDS location within 1 year of the child turning 6 years old (before they turn 7) to request an evaluation be done. The family will not be notified by BDDS to do this. If the family does not contact BDDS for this evaluation within that one year time frame, their application for waiver services will automatically be removed from the waiting list. The family will not be notified if they miss the deadline and they are removed from the waiting list.

Reminder: Families should check with BDDS every year to ensure their child’s name is still on the waiting list. Put a reminder in your calendar and make this call annually.

from Family Voices:
You can find the BDDS phone numbers here:

An effective date was not mentioned, so if your child is over age 6 and a DDP (disability determination profile interview) has not been done yet, call ASAP

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