Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shall? May? -Update on Medicaid Waivers

FV Indiana has heard from several members about their communications with their Representatives.
First, THANK YOU for all of your efforts, your voice is important.
Second, as of the posting the issues has NOT been resolved. Some Senators are sharing that the language will be changed from “shall” to “may”, this is not a successful resolution, “may” means that they still could make the change, and that the decision would likely be made outside of the legislative process.

Many FV Indiana members are finding it helpful to read the bill to prepare to share their thoughts you can find the current language online. Families need to continue to contact their elected officials. Please share that issues around medical financing are complicated and any change should be carefully considered with time from expert and public input.
You can stay up to date on any changes by following the session live online online.
You will be able to see any changes via bill tracker

Thank you for sharing your voice

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