Monday, April 25, 2011

Updates on Action Day Tuesday April 26

Voices of Indiana and the Disability Concerns Network of the UMC Indiana Conference are co-sponsoring:
An Advocacy Day for Children with Disabilities

Message for the General Assembly:
Don’t Dismantle Medicaid Waivers
This Tuesday, April 26th, Starting at 10:30
Indiana Statehouse, 200 W. Washington St., Indianapolis

The Indiana House and Senate are considering a Senate amendment to HB1001, the budget bill, called Section 139 that would tie Medicaid waivers to parental income and institute other measures that could eliminate thousands of children and adults with disabilities and special health care needs from waiver coverage. On Tuesday, families and self advocates will gather to ask our legislators to remove Section 139 from HB1001.

What You Can Do:
Share this message to anyone who will help us.
Come to the Statehouse on Tuesday:
We will gather in the Rotunda (main floor) at 10:30 a.m.
Plan to come anytime! We will have a person in the rotunda to direct you where to go throughout the morning.

If you Can't Come please email and phone your legislators:
To email your representative or senator, go to you don't know who your local lawmakers are, visit: your State Senator by phone: (800) 382-9467 or (317)232-9400.
Contact State Representative: (800) 382-9842 or (317) 232-9600.
TDD: (800) 548-9517 or (317) 232-0404.

Share Your Story: If you receive or are waiting for one Medicaid waiver we want to share your story. Send your story to so, we can post it and share with legislators.

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