Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Voice Is Being Heard!

FV Indiana was thrilled to spend the day with some amazing Indiana families, their friends and neighbors. After speaking with several legislators I can assure you that they are hearing from families. Your phone calls and emails have made an important impact. We know they are reading your stories; thank you for sharing them! As we move towards the finish line (Friday, April 29th, is the end of the session) we encourage you to continue to connect:
Let them know that it matters to you how issues related to the Medicaid Waiver are resolved in conference committee.
Let them know that you want the final decision-making power to remain in the hands of the legislature.
Thank them for listening and for learning about our families.
The relationships you are building with your legislators now will help to impact other issues in the future.

Thank YOU for sharing your voice!

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