Monday, July 18, 2011

Medicaid and Children with Special Health Care Needs: White House Meeting

Our friends and partners at the Catalyst Center created this video about the White House meeting FV Indiana board member, Rylin Rodgers and her daughter Laura were able to participate in last week.
Please continue to share your thoughts about the importance of Medicaid with your Senators and Representative. You can find their contact information online using the Senate Directory and the House Directory . All members can be reached by calling the switch board, 202-224-312.

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Maggie T. said...

I believe that Medicaid is very important in this country, let alone many other countries seem to be living better lives with the way they can run their own medicaid. I feel that many people are forgetting that we are here on this world to help one another, and if we don't do that then we can't prosper greatly. So many kids and families are suffering because of inconveniences in their lives, why not lend out a helping hand when we can? Canada and France provide medical for everyone that resides in their countries, so when people are sick they can go get treated, not worry about costs while continue spreading/ suffering from illness. If they can do it, so can we.