Saturday, August 27, 2011

Report on Select Joint Medicaid Oversight Commission Meeting

Members of Family Voices Indiana attended the Select Joint Commission on Medicaid Oversight meeting Tuesday at the statehouse. Family Voices tweeted in real time on Twitter @FVIndiana as well. Rylin Rodgers spoke on behalf of Family Voices Indiana and that testimony is embedded below.

The following were key points of that meeting:

(1) Update on implementation of the hybrid eligibility system.

- Michael Gargano, Secretary, FSSA

· FSSA program enrollment is up by 44%

· Pending applications and backlogs have dropped 82% since the takeover from IBM

· They are tracking local office calls

(2) Overview of preparation and development of healthcare exchanges

and federal health care reform.

- Seema Verma, Health Care Reform Lead

· References to the lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of requiring individual health insurance

· HIP is being expanded to include 8000 childless adults

· Healthcare exchanges are envisioned to be a marketplace for consumers to purchase products and compare plans

· By 2019 there are expected to be changes to the state high risk pool insurance plans b/c of changes regarding pre-existing conditions via the ACA

Note: Representatives Welch and C Brown requested greater legislator involvement in ACA implementation

(3) Overview of the Medicaid family planning State Plan Amendment. and Provider reimbursement rates and cost initiatives.

- Pat Casanova, Director, OMPP

· Designation of new aid category and presumptive eligibility for family planning services

· Provider rate cuts that included testimony from several affected groups: Optometry, Chiropractic services, Podiatry and Pharmacy

· 2014 may see a change in essential Medicaid packages for adults

Note: Family Voices encourages its members to share any difficulties locating Medicaid providers and/or access to services with their legislators

(5) HP and MCOs contract performance reports.

· MHS, MdWise and Advantage shared denial reasons and rates as well as other reportable data

(6) Update on Developmental Disabilities Home & Community-based

Services Waiver revisions. (HEA 1001 - 2011, SECTION 144)

- Julia Holloway, Director, DDRS

- Kim Dodson, The ARC of Indiana

- Rylin Rodgers, Family Voices Indiana

· There is currently a group meeting weekly to look at issues. That group includes The Arc of Indiana, INARF, IPMG, INABC

· There are plans to hold regional forums with families and self advocates to get input on the issues

· Draft report expected by end of Sept

(7) Select next meeting date & Other Business.

Next meeting Sept 14 at 2p

FV Testimony

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