Thursday, September 8, 2011

Report on DD commission mtg 9/7

Members of Family Voices Indiana attended the DD commission meeting yesterday. Here are highlights from the meeting:


Presentation from Ms. Julia Holloway, Director, DDRS and Mr. Shane Spotts, Deputy Director, DDRS – a handout was distributed to commission members, but no discussion on items transpired.

Update on First Steps Program

Dawn Downer presented information on changes to the First Steps program:

Prior authorization required for high frequency therapies

Tightening developmental therapist requirements

Eliminating follow up for newborn hearing

Modify reimbursement for staff IFSP meetings (at parent’s discretion who attends)

Consolidated providers

New legislation-non ERISA plans-First Steps can now bill monthly rate

Of particular interest to the commission was the impact of cost participation on families:

30% of families now have cost participation

Families face suspension of services after 60 days of no payment

Ms Downer stated that approx 40 families each month are behind on payments. After multiple attempts to collect payments approx 10 families/mo still don’t pay. They only trend they have noted is this is most likely to happen with children about to age out or no longer qualify for services.

Note: Family Voices Indiana encourages families affected negatively by changes to First Steps to share those concerns with the DD commission and your legislators.

Report on Current Application of Music Therapy

Comments from Ms. Dee Quaglio, Vice Chair, DSPIN

The Direct Support Professionals of Indiana (DSPIN) is a group of Direct Support Professionals(DSPs) from around the state interested in creating a positive change and building a qualified workforce

Sept 11- 17 is DSP appreciation week.

Note: Family Voices Indiana recognizes the work of these professionals serving individuals with disabilities. Please show your appreciation.

Other Business

Family members of individuals receiving waiver services and/or waiting for services presented testimony concerning the OBA system and allocations. Testimony from Laura Fife, member of Family Voices Indiana, is embedded below

Representative Klinker encouraged families to share their concerns with not only the DD commission, but with all legislators. It is important that they hear the family voice on these issues. If you would like help with sharing your story effectively, or applying for the Family Leadership Development Fund, which would support attending such a meeting, please contact

Future meetings are scheduled for October 5 at 1p and October 26 at 1:30p.

State House

200 W. Washington St.

Senate Chambers



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Meghann said...

Families having a difficult time meeting the costs of the thereapies is an important factor to consider. I hope that the families in need do address their concerns with the DD commision and their legislators. It is so important for the people making and passing the laws to hear first hand accounts of the lives being affected.