Thursday, October 6, 2011

Policy change to Aged&Disabled and TBI waivers

Family Voices Indiana has received information from the Division of Aging regarding the Aged and Disabled/Traumatic Brain Injury Waivers. The official letter from the division is embedded below. When referring to level of care (LOC), the following definition from the Consumer’s Guide to the Waiver outlines what eligibility must be met to meet LOC for these waivers. It is important to note the LOC is determined differently depending on the child’s age:

Nursing Facility Level of Care – For the purposes of Level of Care eligibility for the Aged and Disabled or the Traumatic Brain Injury Waivers, a person must have either unstable complex medical condition which require direct assistance from others for the following conditions: decubitus ulcers, comatose condition, or management of severe pain; OR direct assistance from others for medical equipment, such as ventilator, suctioning, tube feeding, central intravenous access (I.V.); OR direct assistance for special routines or prescribed treatments from others such as tracheotomy, acute rehabilitation conditions, administration of continuous oxygen; OR medical observation and physician assessment due to a changing, unstable physical condition; OR other substantial medical conditions. The initial Level of Care determination is made by the Area Agency on Aging. LOC is required in order for the person to be admitted into a nursing facility or initially start Waiver services.

If you think your child might be eligible for these waivers, you should call your local Area Agency on Aging. Additional info on these waivers was featured in our recent blog post.

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