Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to get Incontinence Items in Indiana

The Family to Family Health Information Center at Family Voices Indiana often gets requests from families about incontinence items (diapers, etc). There are two major routes to getting diapers for a child with special health care needs: Medicaid and non-Medicaid (private insurance, etc). Families who receive incontinence items via Medicaid recently received a letter indicating they need to choose a new vendor if they are currently using HDP, Healthcare Products Delivery, for their supplies. We have embedded that letter below.

For families not currently receiving incontinence items, we have developed two fact sheets outlining how to access these supplies via Medicaid and non-Medicaid (private insurance, etc). We have included these fact sheets below and they will be available on our website for future reference.

If you need help acquiring these items for your child, please contact us to be connected to a health information specialist. 317 944 8982 or

We hope you find this information to be valuable.

HDP letter

Incontinence Medicaid FS 10032011

Incontinence Non Medicaid FS 10032011

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