Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Maureen Greer, Distinguished Leader

FV Indiana is excited to celebrate Maureen Greer, the 2011 Indiana Governor's Council for People Disabilities Distinguished Leader. The commitment that Maureen Greer has shown to families raising children with disabilities and special health care needs in Indiana has been extraordinary. We are on the cusp of seeing the first generation of Indiana First Steps graduates reach adulthood, bring with them the wave of change sparked by the community based early interventions services First Steps provided. Maureen’s legacy and impact are not limited to Hoosier families touched by First Steps. Instead, it includes; the family centered care provided by hundreds of physicians whose training Maureen impacted at Methodist Hospital, the countless families touched by the number of initiatives Maureen has worked on under the umbrella of Emerald Consulting and most recently the greater discussion and awareness of disability issues within President Obama’s campaign where Maureen served as a member of the disability policy committee. Maureen is a founding Board Member of Family Voices Indiana.
Perhaps what is most remarkable about Maureen’s impact is her ceaseless dedication to family support, family partnership, and family leadership. Maureen, building on her own experiences as a parent recognized the tremendous skills, knowledge and passion that families raising children with disabilities bring and has continually sought out ways to support families. Maureen has continually modeled and supported the understanding that systems, services and communities are strengthened through the involvement of families. Maureen Greer exemplifies what it means to be an “Distinguished Leaders” for people with disabilities and their families. FV Indiana is thrilled to celebrate Maureen's many contributions to Hoosier Families.

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