Sunday, February 12, 2012

HB 1367 public hearing

Family Voices Indiana urges its members to educate themselves regarding proposed legislation that impacts children with special health care needs this session. You can find a list of all proposed bills here.

We share HB 1367 which could impact education for the deaf and hard of hearing:
Deaf and hearing impaired education services. Establishes the center for deaf and hearing impaired education to ensure that children who are deaf or hearing impaired acquire optimal communication and academic abilities. Requires the office of management and budget to determine an appropriate agency to provide office space and staff support for the center. Transfers the outreach services and consultative services to local education agencies to assist in meeting the needs of locally enrolled students with hearing disabilities of the Indiana School for the Deaf to the center for deaf and hearing impaired education. Provides that the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Indiana School for the Deaf are subject to accountability provisions for performance and improvement, but are not subject to sanction provisions.

You can read the entire proposed bill here.

The public hearing in the Senate Appropriation Committee has been set for Thursday, February 16th at 9am

The Office of Management and Budget has released a 20 page report of their review of the Indiana School for the Deaf and Outreach Services.Click here to read the full OMB report.

Family Voices Indiana shares this information with ALL families so they can make their voice heard about this issue, and others, regardless of their view. Your voice matters.

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Naomi Horton said...

Time change: the Hearing will now start at 8am in the Senate Chamber. For more information visit Thank you!