Friday, March 23, 2012

The ACA has provided a financial relief to us

In 2009, I was denied insurance coverage based upon a pre-existing condition that I had been diagnosed with 6 years earlier. The condition in no way affected my overall health and was well controlled. In fact, I had learned to successfully manage the condition through homeopathic and other low-cost means and had not submitted a related claim to insurance in several years. The ACA guarantees that I will no longer be denied insurance coverage based on a condition with no known cause or cure.

The ACA has helped my family by ensuring we are able to receive preventative care services without paying additional copays. Prior to the ACA, we spent thousands of dollars every year for the “privilege” of being insured when, in reality, all this did was insure a major medical expense would not drive us to bankruptcy. The ACA has provided a financial relief to us knowing that we are receiving services on our premium investments.

Our friends learned that their son would be born with hemophilia just prior to the passing of the ACA. The family was greatly concerned about their ability to provide for his medical needs and as well as their ability to find insurance for him. Now that the ACA guarantees coverage for children with preexisting conditions, they are at ease knowing their son will receive the care he needs.

Emily McKinley

West Lafayette, IN

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