Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Action alert concerning HB 1376

Family Voices Indiana shares this important action alert from the Indiana Perinatal Network:

Important Legislative Issue
Language has been inserted into HB 1376 State Fiscal Matters that could allow the administration to issue emergency rules to change program eligibility and benefits in the Medicaid and Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) without prior public hearing or legislative oversight.

In July 2011, a similar provision was used to eliminate Medicaid reimbursement for targeted case management services for pregnant women, without prior legislative or public input. While cognizant of the financial constraints facing the state, we are concerned that this provision circumvents the ability of elected officials, providers, and the general public to debate and provide valuable input on important programmatic changes that could impact health outcomes for pregnant women and children as well as provider reimbursement levels.

If you would like to voice your concerns about the emergency rule provision you can contact your state Representative and Senator. Since the General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn by the end of the week, you should make your contacts as soon as possible. Click here to find your Senator or Representative.

You can also contact the following Representatives and Senators who are members of the conference committee.

Sen. Luke Kenley S20@iga.in.gov 800-382-9467
Sen. Karen Tallian S4@iga.in.gov 800-382-9467
Rep. Jeff Espich h82@in.gov 800-382-9841
Rep. Bill Crawford h98@in.gov 800-383-9842

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