Saturday, March 3, 2012

Assistance for those affected by tornadoes and a guide to preparing for the future

Family Voices Indiana is here to help if you, or someone you know with special health care needs, needs assistance following the devastating tornadoes that hit Southern Indiana yesterday. We have information specialists who can help with locating area resources if needed. We also have a specialist who volunteers with the Red Cross to assist those with disabilities. Please call us if you need help 317 944 8982 or The Arc of Indiana is also helping people with developmental disabilities connect to DDRS services. If you know of someone who has a waiver or lives in a group home and needs emergency help, please leave a msg. for Jill Ginn at 317-224-0248

If you are looking for ways to assist others, there is a list of legitimate options at the FEMA site. By learning the best ways to donate and volunteer, we can all make a difference in the lives of those affected.

We have embedded a guide to assist people with disabilities to prepare for disasters.

Our hearts are with those affected by this disaster. Please let us know if we can help.

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