Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Special Education survey

Family Voices Indiana encourages its members to complete the DOE survey regarding special education services. Parents interested in learning about results of previous surveys can find them here:

Here is the announcement from the DOE:

All parents of Indiana students receiving special education services should receive
a paper survey sometime during the second week of April 2012. This confidential
survey will take five minutes to complete and measures parent satisfaction with their
experience in working with education staff at their children’s school and the special
education services their children receive.

Parents will receive a survey in a white business-sized envelope from their children’s
school, either by mail or in person. Some surveys may also be sent home with the
children receiving special education services. Even though parents will receive
a paper copy of the survey, parents with Internet access are encouraged to
complete the survey on-line by going to
Parents with more than one child receiving special education services should complete
one survey per child. Additional paper surveys are available to parents from their
children’s school.

If parents do not receive a survey by April 16, 2012, they should complete the survey
on-line or request a paper survey by contacting the person at their children’s school
responsible for overseeing the special education services their children receive.
Completed surveys must be completed on-line or mailed by April 30, 2012.


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