Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Notes from DD Commission Mtg 8/7

Members of Family Voices Indiana attended the DD commission hearing this morning. In an effort to keep you informed of changes to systems and services in Indiana, we share the following notes from the meeting:

Shane Spotts, Director of DDRS began with an overview of the Section 144 report and changes to the DD waiver system:

·         Sec 144 focuses on 3 themes: Increasing employment, Preserving the family unit, Supporting individuals with high costs/high needs
·         Changes to the DD waiver system include converting the Support Services waiver to the Family Support waiver, with a new service and higher cap; converting the Developmental Disability and Autism waivers to the Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver, which will be a needs based waiver
·         Mr. Spotts explained that the reason for the name changes are to reflect what the waivers provide, not the categories the waiver serves
·         The Family Support Waiver has been approved by CMS and will be effective Sept  1
·         The CIH waiver has been submitted to CMS with an anticipated approval and start date of Sept  1
·         There will be a choice of case management companies beginning Sept 1. The state benefits from this because of a greater federal match in terms of funding.
·         Transportation will be an added service to the CIH waiver with rates reflective of the transpo required, including wheelchair accessibility. This is to provide greater access to employment.
·         Group home residents are currently being assessed by ICAP and being assigned ALGO scores, similar to the current DD waiver process. The intent is that the dollar amount/budget will follow the person rather than the assigned group home. Residents will have a choice to move to supported living rather than a group home. Group homes will have greater flexibility in the types of clients they serve.
·         Another initiative of DDRS is “health homes”. These will provide greater medical supervision of clients. These will require a care manager, pharmacist and dietician. They will also be linked to a doctor. DDRS is in the process of submitting the application for this initiative with a target date of 2013.
·         Mr Spotts explained that the waiting list letters that were mailed were an attempt to clean up the waiting list to better reflect actual numbers. He assured the commission that if a family did not respond to the letter, they are still in the system and can notify DDRS of their intent to remain on the waiting list. He also mentioned the waiting list portal that allows individuals to check their contact info.
     Mr Spotts believes that the waiting list can be eliminated in the next 4-5 years.

·         INARF and The Arc of Indiana also spoke

Further information, including info about the FS and CIH waivers, can be found at the DDRS website: http://www.in.gov/fssa/ddrs/2639.htm

Further information about the Section 144 report can be found on our website: http://www.fvindiana.org/training and our blog:  http://www.fvindiana.blogspot.com/search/label/DDRS


Jennifer Akers said...

Official notes can be found here: http://www.in.gov/legislative/interim/committee/minutes/MRDDF87.pdf

Anonymous said...

mrspotts is right---the state has literally "stolen" countless dollars from people already on the waiver and has torn our family apart. he is a souless, cowardly, puppet in my opinion!