Friday, September 14, 2012

Clarification on waiver application process and case management services

Family Voices Indiana has been asked a lot of questions by families who are getting conflicting information from different sources. We are committed to ensuring that families get accurate information. To that end, we contacted DDRS for clarification. We received the following clarification from Matt Rodway, Director of Client Services at BDDS:

Q: Do families still need to contact BDDS when their child turns age 6 and request that eligibility be determined?

A: There is not a new policy and when someone turns 6 they do need to contact the local office so that they can complete eligibility and Level of Care.

Q: Is there a new application form for applying for the Family Support Waiver?

A: We did update our application for services in an attempt to make the application more simple and clear to individuals and families. The Application For Developmental Disability Services can be located on the web at    Currently we are still accepting the old forms until December.

Q: Should individuals contact their current IPMG case manager to select a new case mgt company or should they contact BDDS?

A: As we work through the process of adding additional case management companies it is ok to contact BDDS when a change is requested. Contacting the current case manager to request a pick list is the ideal way. One thing to add is that a transition needs to take place between the case management companies to ensure continuity servicesteam agreement with a clear time line of when the new case company will take responsibility for the client’s records, closure of any incident reports that may be out there, and distribution of client documents to the new company.

If you get conflicting information from different sources, don't hesitate to call us and we will make every effort to get clarification.
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