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Information about incident reporting

Family Voices Indiana wants to ensure families and concerned individuals understand how to report an incident in Indiana.

Many family members, and also community members, worry about the health and safety of others, esp those with disabilities who are especially vulnerable.

If an individual is in a facility or receiving services, you can contact that agency to report an incident you feel needs to be addressed regarding the health and safety of the individual.

What are the guidelines for reporting an incident?

The overriding guideline is “Reportable incidents are any event or occurrence characterized byrisk or uncertainty, resulting in or having the potential to result in significant harm or injury to anindividual.”  If in doubt on whether to report an incident, err on the side of the individual and report it. 

For a complete guide, including what might constitute a reportable incident, please refer to this document:

Here are guidelines on how to submit an incident report in Indiana:
Q. Can the general public use the website to report incidents?

A. As of 3/1/2011, if a private citizen wishes to report an incident, he/she should contact their local BDDS office for assistance or e-mail  Some of the information required to submit an incident report, consumer’s address, social security number, and birth date, would not always be known by a private citizen. 

Q: Can a family member submit an incident report?

A: As a member of the  the interdisciplinary team,  there is a web portal available to report incidents here:

Q. Can I submit a report anonymously? 

A. As of 3/1/2011, the IFUR website is not conducive to submitting anonymous reports.  If a concerned citizen wants to share information regarding an individual, they can contact Peggy McClellan, Incident Management Supervisor at 260-482-3192, extension 130, Sharon Hudson, Incident Management/Mortality Review Director at 260-482-3192, extension 115 or via e-mail at and we will ensure an incident report is submitted based on the information received. 

All allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation and deaths must be reported to APS/CPS: 
Adult Protective Services State Hotline – 800-992-6978
Child Protective Services State Hotline – 800-800-5556

There is additional information regarding incident reporting for those with DD here:

And additional information for the aged and disabled here:

And information for those involved with the state dept of health here:

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